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Breeding Dogs For Sale

Breeding for Temperament, Health & Sound Structure

Thank you for your interest in the Desert Waves Labradoodles breeding program. As a veterinarian, Mark is particularly focused on breeding the finest Australian Labradoodle puppies with temperament, health and sound structure being the priorities. We perform lengthy structural evaluations according to Pat Hastings’ methods on all prospective breeding puppies as well as health testing on our breeding stock to ensure that we are breeding top quality dogs. We utilize current research to raise them in a way that promotes health and trainability. Structure, temperament , and health are the guiding principles of our breeding program. Our breeding dogs are for sale to approved labradoodle breeders only.  We would be honored to work with you to provide a prospect that meets your needs and enhances your breeding program.

Interested in a breeding dog we have for sale or in a breeding prospect we could raise for you in the future?

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