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Labradoodle Puppies For Sale

Our Current Litters

Enjoy learning about the delightful litters our fabulous Desert Waves moms will be raising this Summer. Because our puppies are often reserved before they are born, don't hesitate to contact us early. 

SOLD OUT! We Have Paired Our Hugely Popular Combo: Liberty & Leader One Last Time. Their Stunning Final Litter Was Born Oct 3rd, 2017

This special match-up is one of our most popular pairings. This will be Liberty's Farewell Litter. She is a superb dog who gives us reliably high quality pups, but it is time for her to retire to the good life with her waiting family who will reunite her with one of her sons. 

Liberty is keen to learn and anticipates your every wish. She has excellent structure that she reliably passes on to her puppies.  When we pair her with Leader we get exceptional cream and black standard multigen Australian labradoodle puppies that mature to be stately in appearance, keen and quick to learn as well as loving and watchful of their people. A Liberty-Leader pup is sure to be the best pup you'll ever love!

Many families with reservations on our Future Litters waiting list have moved into this litter so this litter was almost sold out before it was born. 

These puppies will be going home on December 2nd.

  • Litter

    Desert Waves Australian Labradoodle Puppies
    Newborn Multigen Australian Labradoodles
    Birth Date
    October 03, 2017

    Another superb litter from Liberty & Leader! These beautiful pups will mature to be large medium to standard in size.  

  • Mom

    Desert Waves Statue at Liberty, "Liberty"
    Desert Waves Australian Labradoodle, Liberty
    21" at shoulder, 44 lbs

    She is "Statue at Liberty" because she has such stunning structure that she literally looks like a statue in motion. Even so, we had no idea how popular he...

  • Dad

    Hale's He’s A Sugar Daddy, "Leader"
    Australian Labradoodle Stud dog, Leader
    Small standard
    20.5" at shoulder, 44 lbs

    If you are looking for a labradoodle that is cuddly, fun, easy to train and gorgeous to look at, then you want a puppy out of Leader! We spent a couple of years...

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